Are Americans Using Stimulus Checks for Travel? - TravelPulse

Are Americans Using Stimulus Checks for Travel? - TravelPulse

In part, stimulus payments were designed to provide taxpayers with funds to stimulate the economy – and that’s what some of those checks are doing for the travel industry, said several travel advisors.

“People are absolutely spending their stimulus payments on travel,” said Sarah Kline of Time for Travel.


“I also have had many people adding I have many large groups and weddings for 2022, and we are seeing people paying off these future trips,” said

“I also have had many people adding onto our summer 2021 weddings and group who originally were not planning to attend.”

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In large part, Klein’s clients are spending stimulus checks on spring and summer 2021 bookings.

“We are getting comments like, ‘What do you have warm and fun for around $1,000 per person’,” she said. “Clients now asking about family summer trips in the Caribbean and Mexico instead of local.”

Ryan Doncsecz of VIP Vacations is also witnessing an increase in bookings related to stimulus payments. “I can personally attest that stimulus money, as well as the fact that many individuals over the past year have been ‘saving,’ or maybe just not spending, has led to an increase in travel sales.”

He noted that his clients are of the opinion that spending stimulus payments on vacations is money well spent. “U.S. citizens are exhausted by COVID, excited and feel safe once vaccinated, and want to spend quality time with friends and family so travel is booming in a great way,” he said.

“I believe the next batch of travel will be highly focused on friends and family groups. We have many couples booking an all-inclusive stay in Mexico or Caribbean, which then leads to another couple joining them, and another. It’s an amazing circle, and certainly a benefit for folks having a little extra cash to spend mixed with the desire to travel.”

For her part, Jemica Archer of TruBlue Travels noticed an influx of client requests when stimulus payments were initially being sent out.

“I just started asking in consultations what prompted interest in a vacation, and some clients replied that they received their stimulus money and deserved a break from 2020,” she said.

Most clients are still choosing vacations close to home, like the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, Archer said, adding that she has noticed an increase in both travel budgets and length of stays.

Her clients, she added, are taking “stim-cations” with friends – and not their children.

“Overall business is booming and I think the stimulus payments, along with pent-up demand and vaccinations, are fueling it,” Klein said.