Area experts weigh-in on spring break travel – WAOW - WAOW

Area experts weigh-in on spring break travel – WAOW - WAOW

(WAOW )– After more than a year of a pandemic with travel restrictions and lock downs, some are taking to spring break to get out of the house.

“We have a lot of clients that want to travel that are anxious to travel, that are planning on traveling,” Owner of Travel Leaders, Ann Hunger said.

An area health expert says traveling is safe, within reason.

“If people are going to travel they need to continue to work with all of those recommendations that we’ve been preaching since the start of this,” Portage County Health Department Director Raymond Pryzbelski said.

Many people put off trips over the last year. Now, as more people get vaccinated, Hunger said her business is getting some last minute calls.

“For the most part, people waited until just a few weeks before leaving to make those plans,” Hunger said.

Because of restrictions and requirements still in place for certain areas of travel, she said spring break hot spots this year are Florida and Arizona.

“For spring break we’ve seen a lot more domestic destinations as opposed to those people that went to Mexico or Europe for spring break or maybe Hawaii, they’re booking domestic,” Hunger said.

As many exotic locations require quarantining or COVID testing, some are making it easier for their guests.

“A lot of the properties that we work with are providing the COVID testing prior to coming back to the U.S.,” Hunger said.

If you plan to travel, officials say have fun, but be careful.

“We understand that people are going to travel and we want them to enjoy it, but we want them to do it as safely as possible,” Przybelski said.