Best, worst Super Bowl commercials in 2022: The biggest winners & losers from Super Bowl 56

Best, worst Super Bowl commercials in 2022: The biggest winners & losers from Super Bowl 56

Like the Bengals found out in Super Bowl 56, they can’t all be winners. 

In fact, Super Bowl ads today are more bad than they are good, as has been the case historically. While companies sometimes take big swings at bringing eyeballs and attention to their products and services, they don’t always hit a home run.

There have been a number of memorable Super Bowl ads through the years, and a number of clunkers, and the ad space during Super Bowl 56 was no different.

So, without further ado, here are the biggest winners and unfortunate losers from this weekend’s commercial cycle in Super Bowl 56:

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Best Super Bowl commercials


Hit me baby, one more time.

While nostalgia can be a curse, the return of the E*Trade baby was a welcome sight. Clearly enjoying his retirement, the baby was found by his former E*Trade cohorts, leading to Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” playing you out.

Chevrolet: ‘New Generation’

The Sopranos traded in their father’s Chevy Suburban for an electric pickup. Truly a sign of the changing times.

As a born-and-bred New Jerseyan, there may be a little bit of bias with this entry. But then you add in Meadow (Jamie Lynn-Sigler) and AJ Soprano (Robert Iler) , with a total recreation of “The Sopranos” intro, you have something memorable and timely. 

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Amazon: ‘Mind Reader’

Amazon always brings in the heavy-hitters with their ads, and 

This year’s commercial with genuine funny people Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

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Verizon: ‘Cable Guy’

“The Cable Guy” is, arguably, Jim Carrey’s best movie, and the creepy cable guy character (Chip Douglas? Larry Tate? Ricky Ricardo?) is back over 25 years later to examine 

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FTX: ‘Don’t Miss Out’

Who doesn’t love Larry David?

Crypto is the wave of the future, and this ad, based on a “Freezing Cold Takes” shtick features David continuously wrong about the next big thing, in this case, crypto. 

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Planet Fitness: ‘What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?’

Self-aware commercials are the best, and this one, starring Lindsay Lohan, was genuinely funny if you’ve followed her career a bit.

She’s traded in DUIs for DIYs, folks. 

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Worst Super Bowl commercials 2022

Cheetos: ‘Push It’

There’s only one commercial that has used “Push It” appropriately in the last 25 years of commercials, and this Doritos ad wasn’t.

Anthropomorphic animals are cool and all but it didn’t really land, even with the sloths.

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Coinbase: ‘QR Code’

Crypto ads were all the rage this year, but only a handful stood out. This one stood out for being particularly bad.

Coinbase’s simplistic approach to its crypto-trading app had viewers raise their phones to the screen to scan the QR code, which irked those watching. While it’s effective, who wants to like, do work during a Super Bowl?

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Rocket Homes: ‘Dream House with Anna Kendrick’

For those who have been trying to buy a house over the last year or so, this commercial really triggers some serious PTSD. 

While Anna Kendrick and Barbies might not be all that bad, there’s something about the commercial that just doesn’t land. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. But mostly cry.

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Dolly Parton is a bona-fide GOAT, and Miley Cyrus isn’t bad herself. But there’s something just not there about the duo in this commercial. 

The ad plays on those sad, Sarah McLaughlin commercials with the suffering pets, so maybe that’s what’s off here. In all, not great.

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Oculus: ‘Old Friends. New fun’

God, this is just … so weird.

A weird commercial for a weird concept for something the world might not be ready for. This might leave you with more confusion than answers, but I guess it’s memorable:

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