Bowman's Travel Brief: Touring the United States - TravelPulse

Bowman's Travel Brief: Touring the United States - TravelPulse

Where are the safest destinations to travel to in the United States?

In 2021, the answer just might be traveling to places with a tour operator.

Not only will you see multiple destinations in one trip, but you’ll also do so with the enhanced health and safety protocols all companies in the travel industry have implemented.

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Last year, Globus and Cosmos announced they would debut “Undiscovered North America” tours in 2021 and just last month G Adventures introduced its “United States of Adventure” tours.

And of course there is Collette, which has had tours around the United States for years now. Collette announced a new advanced commission payment program in 2020, which was needed for travel advisors.

There are several other tour operators that also offer trips around the United States but it’s no surprise companies offered new ones here for 2021 and beyond due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting travel around the world.

With international travel trending down because of border closures and restrictions in place, tours around the United States could certainly increase greatly over the next year or two.

Even when Europe does open, many American travelers will still be hesitant to go right away.

From exploring National Parks to visiting historical landmarks and even soaking in the sun in Hawaii, there are numerous ways to travel around the U.S. through a tour operator.

More Americans need to realize they can check off bucket list places around their own country by working with a travel advisor to book a vacation with a tour operator.

Why try to go at it alone or plan yourself when all your needs can be taken care of in a concise way?

How will you travel around the United States next?

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