Cardinals' J.J. Watt documents scary — and hilarious — run-in with 'baby rattlesnake'

Cardinals' J.J. Watt documents scary — and hilarious — run-in with 'baby rattlesnake'

J.J. Watt posed a scenario to Twitter on Saturday that many homeowners — especially those in Arizona — have had to deal with: handling a snake.

But Watt’s question featured higher stakes in that, one, the snake was in his bathroom and, two, it was a baby rattlesnake.

There is some debate as to whether a baby is more dangerous than an adult, but the fact remains: It was a scary situation for Watt, who hails from Wisconsin and has little experience in dealing with snakes.

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Some of the responses to his query were sincere, such as stuffing a towel under the door and calling the fire department to relocate it. Others called for him to move out, while still more suggested burning the house down altogether.

In the end, none of that was necessary. Watt said he called someone out to deal with the snake. He learned something that likely produced equal parts relief and embarrassment.

“I call a guy. I don’t know what to do. I call this guy, and he comes out to the house and he takes a look at it, and he just picks it up with his bare hands,” Watt said on Twitter. “He goes, ‘Oh, it’s not a rattlesnake. It’s a long-nosed snake. Completely harmless.’ And then he left.

“So if you ever want to feel like a wimp,” Watt said, defeated, “that’s the way to do it.”

The video, with Watt’s facial expression:

To be fair, one could hardly blame Watt for not sticking around long enough to tell the difference. And in the end, no one was hurt, Watt or snake.

Except, perhaps, Watt’s pride was.