Deshaun Watson trade tracker: Latest news, rumors on Browns, Saints, Panthers, Falcons

Deshaun Watson trade tracker: Latest news, rumors on Browns, Saints, Panthers, Falcons

NFL free agency season has been overtaken by Deshaun Watson watch.

After word came down last week that Watson would not be indicted by a grand jury — thus removing concerns of a criminal case impeding his ability to play — several teams jumped into the fray to make offers to the Texans for Watson. Among those teams are the Saints, Panthers, Browns and Falcons.

There are still unanswered questions with regard to Watson’s status. He is going through multiple depositions for the 22 civil lawsuits he still faces while his interviews with teams are ongoing. But teams appear to mostly be eyeing whether or not he will ultimately be suspended after sitting out all of last season due to legal issues around the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Watson is also being selective about where he’s going, as reports have indicated he will only waive his no-trade clause for certain teams. While the Saints and Panthers have been the frontrunners in that regard, that could change. He has connections to the Falcons as well, while the Browns might be closer to contention than any of the aforementioned teams.

Here are the latest rumors on Watson’s status, as we wait to see where he ends up:

Latest Deshaun Watson news, trade rumors

March 16

-Deshaun Watson is “incredibly torn” about his choice of a new team, per ProFootballTalk. He was “impressed” by the presentations from the Panthers, Falcons, Saints and Browns.

Each organization reportedly had its general managers, owners and coaches in attendance at the presentations.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports that a Watson trade may be coming “as early as today/tonight.” The Panthers, Falcons, Saints and Browns are all still in the mix for him.

Ari Meirov reported Wednesday the Falcons never processed a Matt Ryan restructure that was anticipated last week. This means that Atlanta will not be moving any of Ryan’s $36.7 million cap hit this year, indicating there’s a chance they anticipated he may be moved.

March 15

-The Texans reportedly approved all trades prior to Watson meeting with teams, meaning that the Saints, Panthers, Browns, and Falcons all put together trade packages that meet Houston’s asking price. Watson will ultimately have his pick on where he goes, per Dianna Russini.

According to Dianna Russini, Watson also reached out to the Falcons personally. What this means for Matt Ryan’s future is, of course, unclear.

-Per Ian Rapoport, the Browns are also meeting with Watson, casting doubt on Baker Mayfield’s status with the team.

-The Falcons are reportedly a sleeper team for Watson, with Watson hailing from Gainesville, Georgia. Watson and Falcons owner Arthur Blank also have a prior relationship.

March 13

-The Saints and Panthers emerge among the first teams to make substantial offers for Watson. Ian Rapoport reports that Watson will be meeting with both teams before waiving his no-trade clause.

March 11

Corbin Smith reports that Texans are seeking at least three first-round picks in return for Watson.