Dr. Julia Letlow makes history in Louisiana, wins House seat to succeed late husband

Dr. Julia Letlow makes history in Louisiana, wins House seat to succeed late husband

Dr. Julia Letlow has made history as the first Republican woman from the state of Louisiana to be elected to Congress.

The Congresswoman-elect will fill the seat of her late husband, Luke Letlow, who passed away from coronavirus just weeks before being sworn into office last year. Letlow joined “Fox & Friends” on Monday to discuss her husband’s legacy and the important issues she will tackle.

“[My husband] really wanted to serve the people of this district that we call home and so he was able to do that by running,” Letlow said. “He was so excited to represent the fifth district.”


The Congresswoman-elect recalled a conversation she had with her husband, in which he encouraged her to run for office should the opportunity ever present itself.

Shortly after his death, Letlow said she felt a “calling” and “peace from the Lord” that drove her to make the decision to run for office.

Luke Letlow died suddenly on Dec. 29, 2020, at the age of 41 from complications of coronavirus. He was to be sworn in on Jan. 3 and left behind his wife and two young children.

Letlow said that she will focus on promoting agriculture in her district of Louisiana, citing the state’s prominence on the Mississippi River as a large opportunity for jobs and small businesses.

“I just want to be an advocate for this rural way of life that I’ve grown to love,” Letlow said.

Former President Trump urged his supporters to back Julia Letlow Saturday in the special election House race in Louisana to succeed her late husband, Luke, who died after contracting coronavirus.

“Julia Letlow is outstanding and so necessary to help save our Second Amendment, at the border, and for our military and vets,” Trump wrote in a statement released Saturday. “Louisiana, get out and vote today—she will never disappoint! Julia has my complete and total endorsement.”

Trump had previously endorsed Letlow on March 10 and sought to boost her turnout Saturday with a fresh statement of support.

Fox News’ Marisa Schultz contributed to this report.