Fly or Drive? How to Travel in 2021 - Theme Park Insider

Fly or Drive? How to Travel in 2021 - Theme Park Insider

April 17, 2021, 9:48 PM · The past 14 months have changed a lot of attitudes about travel. Deciding whether to fly or drive on a vacation has made people weigh factors such as cost, time spent traveling and even safety. But the pandemic has changed that equation for many people.

Those who lost work at any point over the past year might not be able to afford more expensive travel options anymore. Those who had to change jobs and now don’t have much vacation time to spare might not be able to go for a more leisurely trip for a while. And the safety equation now means much more than just accident rates. Even if you are vaccinated, do you want risk having your unvaccinated child sitting near some anti-masker who’s “drinking his Coke” during your entire flight?

Surveys suggest that many people will end up sitting out this summer vacation season in the hopes that the pandemic situation and the economy will change for the better in 2022. But many people – including theme park fans – are making plans for this summer. I would like to know how you’re planning to get to your destinations this year.

Choosing between flying and driving feels to me like asking which is my favorite child. I love them both, equally. But they are different. Distance is not a deterrent in driving for me, as I adore cross-country roadtrips. (I have made five coast-to-coast driving trips so far.) I have missed I-70 through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado, the bayous in Louisiana and stopping at Buc-ee’s in Texas over the past year.

But there’s nothing that excites me in travel like walking into an airport for flight to somewhere far away. Getting into your car, you could be driving to the grocery instead of across the country. But there’s no such ambiguity when you walk into an airport. It’s travel time.

That said, money, time and safety all factor into the decision whether I can fly or drive for a trip – just as they did before the pandemic. So, what are you feeling about this summer and the rest of the year?

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