Greece Reveals Its Official Plans for Resumption of Global Travel - -

Greece Reveals Its Official Plans for Resumption of Global Travel - -

Greece’s Tourism Minister, Haris Theoharis, has introduced the country’s action four-points plan in his capacity as chairman of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Global Crisis Management Committee in order to help revive the tourism sector during this year.

The plan has been introduced at a hybrid meeting organized by Saudi Arabia, the mission of which was to find innovative ways to resume the tourism sector worldwide as soon as possible, amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Greece’s Tourism Minister Theoharis plan includes the following key points, reports.

  • Safe cross-border travel resumption,
  • the safe movement of passengers,
  • the provision of liquidity to businesses in the tourism industry,
  • the support of work and traveller’s confidence restoration.

Theoharis’ proposal has been welcomed and unanimously approved by the plenary of the World Crisis Management Committee of the WTO.

“The adoption of digital vaccination certificates will ensure the fastest possible restoration of free movement between states. Europe has adopted the proposal of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and is proceeding with the introduction of these certificates, which will contribute to the facilitation of travel and the consequent strengthening of tourism,” the minister pointed out in this regard.

The Minister of Tourism stressed that the implementation of liquidity programs should be a priority to support tourism companies’ working capital that faces difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is equally important to increase access to financial instruments, such as subsidized loans, for those tourism businesses that are proposing job creation,” he emphasized.

Greece’s Tourism Minister has continuously insisted on reopening the borders to third-country citizens in order to help the tourism sector recover from the Coronavirus pandemic damages.

He recently stressed that the Hellenic Republic would open its doors to tourists on May 14, safely, despite the danger of the COVID-19 situation in most countries.

His declarations came on April 6, in the Greek Parliament, while discussing the tourism industry’s reopening as the third wave of the virus continues to attack all countries widely.

Theoharis, in March, stressed that the country would permit entry for all persons who have been vaccinated against the virus or those who prove that they tested negative for the disease.

The Hellenic Republic is among the first countries in Europe that backed and introduced a digital vaccination document for all persons who have taken the two doses of a vaccine.

In this regard, an EU official, in April last year, told that the Coronavirus test results and vaccination certificates would be two key requirements for all citizens who wish to enter Schengen Zone.