How Bengals' Ja'Marr Chase spent first $1 million of NFL paycheck, including a Maserati for mom

How Bengals' Ja'Marr Chase spent first $1 million of NFL paycheck, including a Maserati for mom

I guess you can call Ja’Marr Chase a “mama’s boy.”

Cincinnati’s star wide receiver secured his first GQ feature earlier this week. In it, he revealed some pretty juicy details regarding his career up to this point.

One of the more heartwarming moments of the spread happened when Chase delved into what he spent his first NFL paycheck on — a sleek black Maserati for his mom.

After being selected fifth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, Chase inked a four-year, $30.8 million deal. He also received a gaudy signing bonus ($19.8 million), further filling his pockets.

The gift came innocuously enough, though; Chase’s father mentioned that his mom’s car wasn’t cutting it.

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“My pops came to me about it. She been having an Audi and the Audi was real bad,” Chase told GQ. “The air stopped working in it, so she’s not about to try to ride around in no hot car. Gotta get her a car ASAP. “

The solution was simple: Chase bought his mom a midnight black Maserati. The interior was detailed with cherry-red leather. The price tag? A whopping $65,000.

When Chase showed his mom her new whip, it made for emotional viewing, he said.

“She was crying, like tears of joy,” he said. “That was good to see. She made me start crying.”

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Chase made sure the whole family got a slice of the action, he says. He threw down some money to pay off his mom’s house and gifted each of his siblings with $15,000 each. He also spent $300,000 on a brand new Wraith and about $100,000 on various pieces of clothing and jewelry.

The vast majority of Chase’s first million went into his savings, though.

“Just put it away, made sure I have it for a good day,” Chase said.

Family, friends, you know, something that’s real important down the line. Saving your money is way better than spending it. You don’t know how much you’re losing when you’re spending, so trying to save is better.

It’s always good to see the young folks taking financial security so seriously. It’s even better to see a young person like Chase showing love for his mom, too.