Jake Paul says he has early signs of CTE ahead of Ben Askren fight

Jake Paul says he has early signs of CTE ahead of Ben Askren fight

YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul on Friday said that his brain is showing early signs of CTE. The information comes a day before he is set to take on former Bellator and ONE welterweight world champion Ben Askren — in just the former’s third professional bout.

Paul in a Friday news conference revealed that a scan showed his brain exhibiting signs of trauma. Paul said he will fight against Askren, showing no indication that he would stop his burgeoning boxing career afterward.

CTE — chronic traumatic encephalopathy — is a progressive, degenerative brain disease that often results from repeated blunt force trauma and blows to the head. It can only be diagnosed after the person has died.

“It’s a dangerous sport,” Paul said. “That’s why, when people question my dedication to it, it’s like, I’m showing up every single day. I’m putting my mental health on the line. My brain is on the line. Like you said, I’ve gone and gotten brain scans and have early signs of CTE.

“I love this sport and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. And I’m a fighter, and people will see that. Whether it’s after Saturday night or whether it’s a year from now, they will see that I’m a fighter,” Paul said.

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Below is Paul discussing his brain trauma and future career in boxing:

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Paul, 24, is not the only person in his family to have suffered trauma. Older brother Logan Paul, 26, also underwent brain scans in 2019 which showed trauma as a result of boxing.

Jake Paul will take on Askren at roughly 9 p.m. ET Saturday via Triller.