Marquette's Holiday Travel looks ahead to summer getaways - WLUC

Marquette's Holiday Travel looks ahead to summer getaways - WLUC

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Holiday Travel, a travel agency in Marquette has an update on what traveling has been like so far this year and has advice for those looking to get away during the summer.

“We’re booking here a lot of Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean,” said the agency’s owner, Laura Chapman. “Central America is really picking up.”

A good sign for those looking to go on a little vacation, especially with summer just four months away. Chapman says travel has been bouncing back during the winter.

For a while, though, things have not been smooth sailing for the small travel agency that has been around since 1956.

“The airlines are having what they call ‘schedule changes’ a lot,” Chapman explained. “What I’ve been doing a lot of is the clients that I have booked, I have been working on fixing all of their schedules.”

As people start to plan their summer getaways, Chapman advises travelers to make sure they have the required COVID-19 test results prior to departing.

“They need to check with, if they’re doing this on their own, wherever they’re going,” she said, “whatever state or whatever country to see what they require.”

According to Chapman, Hawaii requires a negative test no longer than three days before arrival, while Jamaica needs negative results by no more than ten days.

The travel agent also says European vacations, like honeymoons, have been booked. But, with the uncertainty of what European travel will look like, she says people could get a refund, as long as they have insurance.

“If at all possible, we are doing a cancel for any reason insurance,” Chapman said. “Otherwise, an insurance where they would at least get a credit back to use at another time.”

Chapman believes the gradual rise in travel will continue into the summer.

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