Spain Preparing to Permit Restriction-Free Travel for Vaccine Certificate Holders From June - -

Spain Preparing to Permit Restriction-Free Travel for Vaccine Certificate Holders From June - -

The Spanish Government has decided to permit European Union citizens to enter the country without being subject to COVID-19 test and self-isolation requirements, provided that they hold a Digital Green Certificate from June.

The EU authorities announced that the Digital Green Certificate, also known as a vaccine passport, will be ready by June. It will allow tourists to travel freely without being subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions throughout the EU Member States, including Spain.

“It will allow for more people to arrive in a safer manner and facilitate the mobility of people in the European Union, guarantee public health protection and permit social and economic activity to resume free of charge,” the General Secretary of Digital Health Alfredo Gonzales said.

Furthermore, Gonzales pointed out that the certificate is not a passport or a precondition in order to be able to travel. However, it would tremendously help in boosting tourism in Spain during the summer season.

Gonzales also noted that Spain had started the process of certificate implementation in order for it to be ready in time for June, reports.

In regards to this, the EU Commission has explained that each country’s authorities will be responsible for issuing the certificates. Nevertheless, it has not been decided yet through which institution Spain will issue them.

The EU Commission was the first to propose creating a Digital Green certificate back in March to make it possible for those vaccinated EU citizens to travel without any restrictions throughout the bloc.

The Member states will still be able to require arrivals from EU countries to test or self-isolate. However, they must inform the Commission and all Member States of their decision while providing valid reasons.

According to the EU Commission, the Vaccine Certificate will include the holder’s following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Issuing Member State
  • A unique identifying QR code
  • Vaccine product, manufacturer, number of doses, and date of vaccination for those who took the vaccine
  • Type of test, time and date of the test, test centre, and test results for tested travellers
  • Date of the positive test result, the issuer of the certificate, date of issuance, and validity date for recovered travellers

Additionally, in a previous article, where all questions regarding the EU’s COVID-19 vaccine certificate were answered, it was mentioned that the certificates would be issued in two languages, in English and the official language of the issuing country.

Moreover, the validity of the certificates will depend on the evidence which is to be gathered when they are fully functional and will be adjusted based on that.

Previously, Spain extended the existing measures for third countries where COVID-19 mutations have widely spread until April 19, 2021.