Spring break travel recommendations from Dr. Riddell and CDC - Buckrail

Spring break travel recommendations from Dr. Riddell and CDC - Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo.  — Teton County Health Officer Dr. Travis Riddell shared advice for travel during yesterday’s COVID-19 community update. “This is a time to consider travel very carefully,” he said.

“We have the busiest commercial airport in Wyoming,” said Riddell, adding, “a lot of people are still coming here and with spring break on the horizon probably some portion of locals will travel as well.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released travel guidelines recommending delaying nonessential travel, “Travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19. Delay travel and stay home to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, even if you are vaccinated,” states the CDC.

Dr. Riddell said, “living in a destination resort like Jackson and being in frequent contact with people who have traveled to our home for recreation, it might be easy to lose sight of the ongoing recommendations from CDC, that really encourage limiting travel. The CDC continues to recommend that people delay nonessential travel for tourist and recreational purposes.”

If travel is necessary the CDC says, “Get tested 3-5 days after your trip and stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel, even if your test is negative. If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.” Riddell explained the CDC guidelines and also said, “I would also recommend doing that additional test 7 days after return for any covid you might have picked up in transit.”

Vault tests are available for free and can be ordered online. Vault tests are also available for pick-up outside of the Teton County Health Department.

The U.S is requiring international travels, U.S citizens included, to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result upon arrival into the U.S at customs.

Riddell also noted during the meeting that, “the CDC has recently done a full review of all of their covid recommendations for the specific purpose of ensuring that there is no partisan or political bias in their recommendations.”

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