Travel tips to know before you get on the plane -

Travel tips to know before you get on the plane -

Even experienced air travelers make mistakes in the critical hours before they leave for the airport. Travel site offers the following reminders to help save time and stress:

Start by downloading your airline’s app few days before departure so you’ll get an alert about any changes to your flight schedule or gate information.

Dress for the occasion — wear comfortable, appropriate clothing, including something you can put on or take off if you are cold or warm.

Pack snacks. Food and drink at the airport are usually pricey, so bring a bottle you can fill with water once you get through security. Remember spreadable items like peanut butter are not allowed through security, and for the sake of other passengers, don’t pack anything smelly, like a tuna sandwich.

For your sake, especially if you’re traveling with kids, don’t bring messy snacks. Dry snacks like pretzels or crackers are best.

Finally, don’t forget your documents. Passengers 18 and over must show a valid photo ID to travel anywhere and a passport is needed to leave the country.

To save time and stress, check in online, or using the app you installed, instead of at the busy airport.

​ also recommends enrolling in TSA pre-check. It costs $85 and is a process but it helps you pass through security without removing your shoes, laptop, liquids and other inconveniences.

Finally, get a ride to and from the airport. Arranging for a ride that just drops you off out front can reduce a lot of travel stress.