'Vaccine tourists' travel for COVID-19 vaccine – WKOW - WKOW

'Vaccine tourists' travel for COVID-19 vaccine – WKOW - WKOW

(WKOW) — Many people want to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but some people are willing to travel to great lengths to get theirs. People in health care have coined a name for them – “vaccine tourists.”

The vaccine tourists will search for any place that has an appointment for a shot, even if it requires driving for hours to get it.

Prevea Health President & CEO, Ashok Rai, is confident the tourists are not taking away vaccine opportunities from people living in those communities. Rai predicts this activity will continue even as vaccination clinics open up in smaller communities.

“As the weather gets better and it’s a great time to visit Marinette or Mountain or Ladysmith, we might see a little bit more of that. But the local residents are actually getting the spots as well,” said Dr. Rai.

Wisconsin does not allow people from other states to get vaccinated here–unless they work here. Like people who work in Beloit, Wis. but are coming from South Beloit, Ill.